Flow Meter Smith

Superior Accuracy – The Smith Meter®
Rotary Vane Meter principle, combined with
the meter’s uniquely designed (offset) inlet
and outlet nozzles, minimizes pressure drop across
the measuring chamber, which reduces flow
through meter clearances (slippage),
to maximize accuracy.
» Low Pressure Drop – Streamlined flow path
provides low pressure drop.
» Positive and Accurate Registration – High torque
drive calibrator with adjustment in 0.05% increments
ensures accurate registration.
» Long Service Life – Low friction ball bearings, fixed
cam-type timing, and rugged construction give
sustained accuracy and long service life


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Flow Meter Smith

FMC Technologies Smith Meter Positive Displacement
Meters have long been the industry standard for unsurpassed
reliability and superior custody transfer accuracy. Relying on
over 80 years of experience in custody transfer petroleum
measurement, FMC Technologies has revolutionized the
industry with the cutting edge design of the new Smith
Meter Genesis Series line of PD meters for refined products
and biofuels

The Smith Meter Genesis Series PD Meters unique patent
pending integrated electronics with direct pulse output
offers longevity and application versatility for economical
The Smith Meter Genesis Series is the future in positive
displacement meter technology. FMC Technologies continues
to set the standard for custody transfer measurement for
today and tomorrow