Water Meter Itron 1/2 inch (15mm)

Size : 15 mm ( ½ Inch )
Type : Multimag
Kelas Akurasi/Ratio : R 50
Aliran Mula : <10 L/h
Aliran Minimum (Q1) : 32 L/h
Aliran transisi (Q2) : 128 L/h
Aliran Nominal ( Q3) : 1.6 m³/h
Aliran Maksimum (Q4) : 2.0 m³/h
Aliran Extra multimag : 3.0 m3/h
Temperatur Metrologis maks : 30 ºC
Temperatur Kerja maksimum : 50 ºC
Tekanan Kerja Maksimum : 16 Bar
Pembacaan Maksimum : 9999* m³
Skla Pembacaan Terkcil : 0.02 L

Untuk Info Hubungi Kami :

Mr. Sihol

Telp : 021-62201286

Hp : 082130004419

E-mail : penawaranharga@yahoo.com



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( ITRON - Indonesia ), designed to fulfi ll
Indonesia water utility requirement on
International quality standar for high
accuracy and durable water meter.
Multimag TMII complies to :
» ISO 4064 ( and it’s derivative )
» SNI 2547 : 2008
» CE ( European ) F-06-G-1328
» Local contain certifi cate from Industrial
ministry and ;
» Industrial design certifi cate
» Multijet velocity meter
» Direct magnetic transmission
» Ease of maintenance
» Outstanding metrology
» Very high resistance in diffi cult
» 100% of the products are calibrated on
electronic test benches.
» Calibration tests results can be sent for
every meter to the customer.
» Class B (ISO) featuring exceptional
» Adapted to any condition of use in
diffi cult environments
Multimag range enables different
confi guration for same hydraulic
performance, according to different
installation conditions or customer
Plastic register (routable), Class B
horizontal position, and body in bronze
painted externally compose standard
confi guration.
Ease of maintenance
The replacement of parts is facilitated by
simplicity and reduced number of spare
Pre-equipped for future needs of
communication thanks to CybleTM
technology.In order to guarantee top metrological performance, the hydrodynamic balance, associated to high-performing hinges, gives the Multimag TMII a very high metering sensitivity and long-lasting metrological performance. The transmission of information between the turbine and the register is made through a magnetic transmission.