Jual Transfer pump MFP-60E AC Diesel Pump Set AC|Flow meter BenGas

Product Type : MFP-60E
Flow meter : OGM-25E
Nozzel 11A
Applicable Media : Diesel,Kerosone
Power : 220V.AC
max,Flow Rate of Pump : 60L/min
Rubber Hose : 4 Meter
Accuracy : 0,5%

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Type : MFP-60E 
Brand : BenGas
MFP-60E Pump Set, diesel transfer station for noncommercial use. Easy to install, versatile and compact these stations can be used to fill mobile tanks or interact with distributions units. Fitted with check valve, filter and nozzle support, they are also supplied with a 4 metre delivery hose and can be integrated with a protective metal component.
Flow Rate up to 60L/min.

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