Flow Meter Nitto Type RA

Measured liquid: Cold and hot water, Petroleum, Chemical liquids, Food liquids, etc. Size: 20A, 25A Liquid viscosity: 0.5~3,000mPa·s (0.2~30,000mPa·s) Liquid temp.: Normal temp.~80℃ (-20~200 ℃) Liquid pressure: 1.0MPa or less (2.0MPa or less) Accuracy: Within ±0.5% Material: FC200/CAC406, FC200/FC200 FC200/SCS14, SCS14/SCS14


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Mr. Sihol

Telp : 021-62201286

Hp : 082130004419

E-mail : penawaranharga@yahoo.com



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Flow Meter Nitto Type RA

This flow meter for small flow measurement is characterized
in its structural simpleness. Material can be selected
from various options. The pressure loss is extremely small
and even high viscous liquid can be measured with ease.
This small size rotary flow meter is now used for the
measurement and control of liquid in every industry.