Flowmeter Macnaught size 1 inch



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F025 Fuel & Oil Flow Meter : 1″ Ports, 6 – 120 L/Min

F025 Fuel and Oil Flow Meter
Available with Mechanical Registers
Aluminium Body, FKM (Viton) seal
1/2″ Ports (BSP or NPT)
Flow Range: 6 – 120 L/min, > 5 cPs
10 – 100 L/min, < 5 cPs
Pressure: 34bar (500psi)
Temperature: 80 Deg C Max
Accuracy: +/- 1%, O.R
Repatability +/- 0.03%

Available with choice of standard or heavy duty mechanical register
Resettable and non-resettable totaliser

The F range of oval gear fuel and oil meters from Macnaught are a family of positive displacement oval gear flowmeters that are optimized for fuel and oil measurement applications.
Macnaught Fuel and Oil meters are constructed utilizing a robust cast aluminium body suitable for use in the harshest environments.

Bearing-less PTFE/PPS rotors provide exceptionally low pressure drop and can even be used in gravity fed applications. This unique rotor design ensures minimal wear resulting in many years of reliable service.
Proven over time to provide consistently accurate flow measurement that is not affected by variations in temperature, viscosity, or pressure.
Service and Fueling Trucks
Fuel Depots
Portable Fueling Systems
Bio-Diesel Blending and Production
Lubricant Blending and Dispensing
Hydraulic Fluid Dispensing and test stands
Boiler and generator fuel consumption
Fuel consumption for mining, construction, and military vehicles
Bitumen/ Asphalt production